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For authors

For authors


The journal «Automation, Communications, Informatics» publishes articles on railway topics that correspond to its profile.

Subjects of articles:

• New equipment and technology

• Automation and telemechanics

• Informatization of transport

• Telecommunications

• Information Security

• Resource-saving technologies

• Personnel training

• Lean

• Digital technologies

Articles submitted by e-mail that do not correspond to the profile of the journal are not considered by the editors. Manuscripts are not returned or reviewed. When reprinting, a link to the journal is required. The views of the editors do not always coincide with those of the authors.

The editorial board of the journal "Automation, Communications, Informatics" accepts articles for publication on paper and (or) electronic media or by e-mail to the address asi-rzd@mail.ru after prior agreement. Articles submitted without prior approval are considered within one month.

Articles in the journal are published free of charge. On a paid basis, only advertising materials marked «Advertising» or «As advertising» are published.

The article accepted for publication after editing is sent to the author for approval by e-mail as a file in *.pdf or *.doc format. If necessary, he makes his comments and corrections, highlighting in color, in the received file in *.doc format, or makes a separate list (to the file in *.pdf format) and within three working days sends them to the editorial office by e-mail, phone or in person.

We remind our authors that in order to increase the indicators in the Russian Science Citation Index, it is desirable that you register in the RSCI (ScienceIndex [author] module) and provide the editorial office with an individual RSCI author identifier (SPIN code).



General requirements: the approximate volume of the manuscript of the article is from 3 to 14-16 pages (depending on the importance of the issue under consideration)

The text of the article should be submitted as a *.doc or *.rtf file.


Text formatting:

• margins: left - 3 cm, right - 1.5 cm; top and bottom - 2 cm.

• font of the main text - Times New Roman, point size (font size) - 14.

• font of annotation and keywords - Times New Roman, point size (font size) - 10.

• line spacing - exactly 0.8;

• paragraph - automatic: (it is unacceptable to make indents (left, right) with spaces);

• word wrap - automatic;

• initials are not separated by spaces.

• after the punctuation mark one space must be put;

• formulas: 10 point size;

• tables, diagrams, footnotes, captions to figures and tables: 10 point size.


Graphic material:

tables containing only text and numbers are made in MS Word or MS Excel format, diagrams and diagrams - in MS Visio, MS Excel or MS PowerPoint *.ppt format and are attached separately;

complex formulas should be typed in the built-in formula editor of MS Word. The font in the formulas must match the font of the text;

Figures can be inserted into the article, but they must also be presented as separate files in the formats *.tif, *.jpg, *.ppt, (for black and white and color line illustrations, for example, graphs, drawings, diagrams, etc.) and *.tif or *.jpg (for color and black-and-white photographs). When using the formats *.tif, and *.jpg, you must

take into account that the size of the figure should be 85 mm (when placed on one column of a two-column set) or 115 mm (when placed on two columns of a three-column set).

Captions should be placed after the text of the article.

You can check the resolution and size of the picture in any image processing program. Files in *.jpg format should be prepared with the lowest possible compression level (highest quality, at least 1.5 MB).



The article should contain the following elements:

UDC index - should reflect in sufficient detail the subject of the article;

title of the article - given in Russian and English (up to 12 words);

information about the author (s) - the following information is provided for each author:

• Last name First name Patronymic (in full)

• academic degree and title

• place of work and position (currently) in the format: organization, department / branch (all data are indicated without abbreviations)

• city

• E-mail address

• individual author identifier in the RSCI (SPIN code)


Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich, JSC "Russian Railways", Moscow Railway, engineer, Moscow, Russia, e-mail: ivanov@mail.ru, SPIN - code 6510-5681

Kolesnikova Olga Petrovna, Rostov State Transport University, Associate Professor, Cand. tech. Sciences, Russia, Rostov-on-Don, e-mail: olga@mail.ru, SPIN - code 8551-3336

Transliteration can be done using the website http://www.translit.ru. (In the drop-down list, select «Russian transliteration» and the BGN transliteration system).

English translations of scientific degrees can be viewed here.


Annotation in Russian and English (150-200 words), drawn up in accordance with international standards. The abstract should not repeat the text of the article itself (you cannot take sentences from the article and transfer them to the abstract), as well as its title. It should not contain numbers, tables, inline footnotes, etc.

An abstract in English must be original, may not be a literal translation of the Russian text, and must be written in good English (i.e., terminology typical for foreign special texts should be used).


Key words in Russian and English (4–8 words).

It is desirable to use keywords from the thematic thesauri accepted in the scientific and technical literature.


Full text of the article.


List of sources entitled «Literature»;

The list of references is compiled in accordance with GOST R 7.0.5-2003.

References in the text to sources are given in square brackets in accordance with the numbering in the list of references.

Sample post link:

Ivanov I.I. Title of the article / Ivanov I.I., Kolesnikova O.P. // Automation, telemechanics, communication. 2016. No. 5. P. 5–8.

Ivanov I.I., Kolesnikova O.P. Title in English, Avtomatika, telemekhanika, svyaz ', 2016, 5, p. 5-8. (in Russian)


The author must follow the principles of publication ethics

Publication Ethics
Reviewing articles
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