№4, 2024
ISSN 0005-2329

Reviewing articles

For authors
The procedure for reviewing articles


The order of review of articles submitted for publication in the journal "Automation, communication, computer science"


1. Scientific articles submitted to the journal "Automation, communication, computer science", are reviewed from highly qualified specialists that are part of the editorial Board, editorial-author of the Council and the list of reviewers of the journal (list attached), have a degree and specialization are the closest to the topic of the article. Authors may also accompany the article with the review with the person's full name, place of work, academic degree and title, contact information of the reviewer. In this reviewer should not be among the authors, but may be the supervisor of the author (authors).

2. Article reviewer in hard copy and (or) in electronic form. When the review takes into account that the article is subject to copyright and belongs to the information not subject to disclosure prior to its publication. Reviewers are not allowed to copy the article and send it to third parties.

3. The preparation time for the review is established by agreement with the reviewer, but may not exceed two weeks from the date of receipt of the manuscript to the reviewer. The reviewer may refuse to review within one week of receipt of the article and notify the editorial office.

4. The review should contain an objective assessment of peer-reviewed articles indicating the relevance described her material, the degree of scientific elaboration of the problem taking into account modern achievements in this field, the specific contribution of the author, theoretical and practical significance of the formulated statements and conclusions, shortcomings, if any, and the conclusion about expediency of its publication in the open press.

5. On results of the review can be taken the following decisions: accept the paper for publication; to accept the article for publication after addressing the author of the reviewer's comments with further direction to re-review by the same reviewer; to refuse to publish the article because it is not in conformity with the requirements for scientific level (in this case, the editorial Board has the right to send the manuscript for review to another reviewer or to send a reasoned refusal to the author the manuscript for publication with a copy of a negative review).

6. The editorial Board provides a review of the article at the request of the authors, on request of the expert councils of the Higher attestation Commission of the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation.

7. In case of disagreement with the reviewer's opinion the author has the right to appeal to the editorial Board with a reasoned request to send his manuscript to a third reviewer. In this case, the article is sent for re-review or motivated rejection.

8. The decision to publish the article after review by the chief editor of the magazine and is brought to the attention of the author. If there are negative reviews of the manuscript from two different reviewers or one negative review of her modified version of the motivated rejection of publication of the article.

9. The maximum period of review (including repeated and additional reviewing) is two months from the date of receipt of the manuscript to the journal.

10. Reviews are kept in the magazine for five years after they are signed by the reviewer.


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